Have concerns for micro-payment, GST financing and insurance? hive can solve your problems at fingertips.

hive has been dedicated to assisting members to achieve more in their business. In this update, hive is giving answers to issues regarding payment, financing and insurance. Leveraging on GeTS ecosystem, hive offers comprehensive solutions for hive members.

I want to access financing services, so as to relieve the cash flow pressure on daily operations.

With CALISTA Finance, hive offers fast and low-cost financing services for its members. All you need to do is access Trade Financing of CALISTA Finance, fill in the form with your basic information, and send us your invoices. You will get a quote in 24 hours. Once loan is approved, you can get funds in 24 hours. No collaterals needed, and interest rate as low as 0.99% per month.

Due to the mismatch between credit terms and the quarterly filing of GST return, my company usually incur much higher output GST as compared with input GST. Such GST gap is often of small amount and can hardly be financed by banks. Is there any way for me to have this GST gap financed?

CALISTA Trade Financing can also help with GST financing. Submit your GST return filed with IRAS, contract and invoice, you can get quote in 24 hours.

To understand more details of the solution, please contact CALISTA Finance team who is there to help.

My company has a lot of micro-payments. This can be a problem when the amount is small, which is not cost-effective when the payment is done cross border.

Leveraging on the favourable rates on Pay Anywhere empowered by CALISTA Finance, hive members can make small-amount daily payments to partners overseas easily.

I want to have my cargo delivery protected by insurance. Can hive provide insurance services with convenience?

hive members can easily access insurance services via CALISTA Finance. Click this link, fill in your requirements, our insurer partners will give a quote shortly.

At any point when you use CALISTA Finance services, please indicate promo code


to enjoy favourable price for hive members!