Chinese shipyards to build world’s largest container ships

Riviera 04 Jan 2021 Share
China’s Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co and Jiangnan Shipbuilding will each build two 24,000-TEU ultra-large container ships (ULCS) – the world’s largest of their kind – under a contract with Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co

A subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), Hudong-Zhonghua will build the first ship in the new class of ULCS vessels, which will have a capacity for 24,100 boxes.

Each of the four box ships designed by Hudong-Zhonghua will be equipped with a hybrid exhaust gas cleaning system.

Hudong-Zhonghua said the contract is the concrete implementation of the strategic co-operation agreement signed between CSSC and Bank of Communications Co – the parent of Bank of Communications Financial Leasing – on 18 December. Bank of Communications Financial Leasing leases ships, airplanes, energy and other equipment.

“This type of ship adopts the world’s latest green, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe and reliable design scheme. Its unique small bulbous bow, large-diameter propeller and energy-saving ducts make the ship’s fast performance and low energy consumption fully reflected. The double-tower fixed water cannon fire extinguishing system greatly improves the fire safety performance of the deck surface, showing advanced design concepts and cutting-edge shipbuilding technology,” said Hudong-Zhonghua in a press statement.

At present, Hudong-Zhonghua has delivered more than 50 large container ships (with capacities of 8,000-TEU and above), including two of world’s first 23,000-TEU LNG dual-fuel-powered ULCS vessels.

Riviera 04 Jan 2021